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Caliper Quality

Fargo Arm1.    All our calipers are reassembled strictly using only high quality parts.

Micro Caliper2.    To maintain our quality machined parts are manufactured on our own CNC machine shop by following ISO9001 standards.

3.    All our calipers are assembled by our experienced engineers strictly following manufacturer’s guidelines.
4.    Unlike our other competitors all critical parts are changed irrespective of their condition to maintain quality and standard.

5.    Brake caliper is a safety critical component. For this reason each of our calipers is tested according to manufacturer’s guidelines and stamped with unique serial number to ensure traceability.

6.    Testing information is logged for each caliper for future reference.

7.    Each batch of calipers has its own unique route card allowing full production traceability.

8.    We offer a 1 year CCL remanufactured warranty, as offered by the original manufacturers.

9.    Our experienced staff can easily identify the right caliper for you first time and every time.

10.    Full after sales and technical support is provided.

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