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Our Process

Used caliper core arrives at our workshop and is booked onto our system. After careful examination we only use the very best quality core for remanufacturing brake calipers.


The old core is then moved to our blasting area, where a batch of cores can be loaded onto hanging shot blast machine. This preliminary blast removes any dirt, rust etc.  It is now ready for disassembly.


The core is stripped down in our disassembly area. All of the separated components are visually inspected and we can quickly determine any unusable parts which are then scrapped.  Any good components are cleaned and booked into our stock.


The now dismantled units are degreased in our powerful chemical degreasing machine which removes any oils, greases etc from the internal and external of the cores.


At this point the units are ready for a final blast to give an even surface finish on the product and remove any rust that was missed in the initial blast.


The units are coated with a heavy duty, high temperature resistant, water repellent coating.


The units are reassembled with new seals and new components strictly to OEM guidelines.


The calipers undergo testing and are stamped with a unique identification number to allow full traceability.


The finished caliper is packed, labelled and stored ready for shipment.

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